This is the development site for Pain UK which is currently under construction.

PAIN UK- Why do we want an alliance of patients who suffer pain?

Why we want our voices heard

Most people who suffer pain say that they are rarely asked about it. Pain UK wants to change that. We will work as a collective voice to move pain up the political and public agenda. We want to ensure that at every consultation patients and users will be asked, “Does it hurt?” We want employers to understand the needs of people living with chronic pain. We want society to recognize the economic and societal costs of pain if left under-treated.

We will work alongside the organisations that represent health professionals and other interested parties such as the British Pain Society, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition and the Royal College of Nursing to strongly influence the way pain is dealt with within the NHS and to ensure that the patient’s voice is heard. “Nothing about me without me”

Patients generally want to help themselves but are often not listened to nor told about patient or support organisations. In coming together to form Pain UK, smaller voluntary organisations can work with those that are better established to create a stronger voice representing those living with chronic pain. Working together, this alliance will speak for people in pain, using the specialist knowledge and experience of patients and their families, thus increasing the potential to invoke change in health and social care as well as in the community and society as a whole.

Why was ‘Pain UK’ established?

Pain is part of many long-term conditions and diseases, and is also experienced by many people long after surgery and by cancer survivors. Pain is not treated as a condition in its own right. Usually treatment is given for the disease or condition and everyone – patient and health professional alike – hope the pain will go away. Often it does not go away and millions of people in the UK today are living with chronic pain. If people in acute pain are not treated adequately, they may well develop chronic pain often at great cost to themselves and to society. Living with chronic pain has been described as “exhausting”, “isolating” and “humiliating”. It is frequently under diagnosed and under treated.

Who wants to set up Pain UK?

Pain UK is a collective of UK pain charities who decided this year to work together as an alliance, both in the UK and in Europe where a European pain alliance is also being set up – Pain Alliance Europe (PAE). We hope that by working together we will be a stronger and more powerful voice.

Our inaugural meeting was held on 1st November 2011, and we already have a website, www.painuk.org

We will have a press launch in the spring following on from our introduction at the Pain Summit on 22nd November.

The founder members of the alliance are: